Sell Your Left over Gift Card Cash

Sell Your Left over Gift Card Cash

We all must have got gift cards on various occasions. Sometimes as a gift and sometimes we have to buy it as it is mandatory. And many times some money is left is the card but not enough to buy something useful. Also, there are times you got the card from a store which you despise. Here is the solution now you can sell your gift card cash for actual money.

This miracle can happen in gift card exchange portals. All you have to do is to register yourself in one of the gift card exchange portals.  You can either you’re your card or you can also swap your gift card with some other card. One such portal is gift cardio where you sell and buy gift cards


If you are up to selling, simply log into the sell your card link and proceed forward. Things you should remember that they offer less value then your actual card. Because some of the money has been deducted by these portals. Do a bit of research before trading your card. Some of them give up to 90% of the value of the card whereas some provide only 70%. A research beforehand will give you an upper hand for getting the maximum out of it. There are hundreds of retailers available in each of these portals. You can sell your card and instead buy discount gift cards


If you are up for bidding, then put your card in a bidding place and you can earn the full value of the card. Although, you might have to cough a certain percentage of these kiosks. Plus, the waiting time might be more because people may or may not like your offer. But in general, this can be a good option if you have a unique product in-hand and no hurry to sell it.

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